The SolarBeam Concentrator is the only parabolic solar hot water system that with Watermark (Australia), SolarKeymark (Europe) and SRCC (USA) certification for rebates. The SolarBeam is sold through trained and experienced distributors throughout the world.

Solartron Energy Systems Inc. has developed a parabolic solar concentrator that tracks from sunrise to sunset, providing up to 12kW of thermal heat per hour at a direct radiation of 1000 W/m2. This remarkable system is perfect for process heating or cooling applications that require a lot of solar  hot water. Water can be heated up to 95 C (200 F) with the system and can be very easily retrofitted into existing hot water setups.

The control system is truly extraordinary. Everything is controlled with a dedicated and specially designed  industrial computer. Sensors are in place to maintain proper storage tank temperature, water pressure, insolation and wind speed. The safeguards will put the dish into stowaway mode in case of extreme winds (>200 km/h); the dish will track up to the tested rating of 120km/h, however the recommended maximum windspeed for the dish is 70km/h. The system will intelligently maintain storage tank temperature by stowing itself away from the sun during times of low consumption and will automatically track the sun again when more energy can be stored.The SolarBeam is truly the master of its domain.


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  • Payback is 6 years versus 20+ more years on solar flat plate panels or 15 years on evacuated tube when used in process heat applications
  • You would need 15 flat panels to equal the energy generated by 1 SolarBeam in process heat applications
  • Only SolarBeam provides a future photovoltaic (PV) module to generate up to 4 kW of electricity.

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The SolarBeam Concentrator can be used in solar heating, solar hot water and air conditioning applications. Since the SolarBeam Concentrator tracks the sun, it is more efficient than flat panels and evacuated tube panels. The SolarBeam can be used at schools, fire stations, commercial buildings, wineries, hospitals, greenhouses, homes etc.



Radiation map

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Solar concentrators use direct beam radiation which is better than global radiation because the intensity is higher. To see the direct beam radiation in the map, click on “Map Tools”, then click “Direct Normal Irradiance”. This will show the radiation level for concentrating solar concentrators around the world. Click on your location and the radiation data for your region will automatically display.