img4The SolarBeam Concentrator is a solar hot water system that provides 31,140 BTU’s per/hour for your most demanding applications. This can be anything from heating, air conditioning or process heat. One SolarBeam can provide more kW and BTUs per day than conventional hot water panels. You would need 15 average flat panels to equal the energy generated by 1 SolarBeam.

The SolarBeam (solar hot water system) does not use glass for its reflector, it uses a patented, durable, metallic reflective surface which requires very little cleaning and will withstand tough climates. The system has automatic protection against heat stagnation and high winds; in either of these situations, the SolarBeam will enter a survival mode to ensure the system’s safety.  This solar hot water system is highly affordable for the residential and commercial market. In addition, it can collect 10kW of heat from a collector that is the size of 10″ x 10″. Other technologies, such as evacuated tube systems, need much larger amounts of space to produce 10kW of heat.

Due to SolarBeam’s innovative design, it requires 98-262% less space than conventional solar flat plate panels or solar evacuated tube panels. SolarBeam uses a patent-pending celestial tracking system to harvest the suns energy throughout the entire day. Traditional flat panels only reach their peak efficiency for about 2 hours a day. With our sun tracking system, the SolarBeam is always operating at peak efficiency.